Hungry for words

Do you remember when you were young? I mean really young. Full-of-potential kind of young. When you could do just anything. Provided you’ve passed a twenty-year long training of course. Do you recall those days? Good. No, close your eyes and imagine that you are young again. Got it? Fine. This proves there’s nothing wrong with your imagination and that you and I are going to get along pretty well.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. There’s nothing surprising in here. It’s just ordinary, stereotypical, everyday world. My world. And I’ve decided to share it with you. Whoever you might be. Well, you could think the same about me, so I’ll quickly introduce myself. I’m Kaunaz Isa. I love literature, especially fantasy&sci-fi but there’s nothing wrong in a chocolate cake manual (no, I don’t mean recipe). I’m currently working as a receptionist in students’ dormitory in Brno, Czech Republic. It is somehow very pleasing, although not very well-paid job. I get to know a lot of students not only from my republic or Slovakia but also from other, much foreign countries. Like Hungary for example. Or Spain, UK, Germany, France, India, China, Russia… You name it.

This blog is not my first. I do have another one but unfortunately for you that one is in Czech. And no matter how hard it tries, the Google Translator just cannot work with my brilliant sense of humour. And because there are people who know me, yet don’t understand my mother tongue, I’ve decided to create an English blog for them. I won’t promise that you’d understand everything – partly because I may not be so great in terms of English written creativity, partly for the fact that people don’t usually understand my Czech articles either. But I don’t mind. You see, I’m using this opportunity even if there’s no one willing to read what I have to write.

What a nice line to start my blog with…

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