Just some words before the jam

I sometimes feel I should not plan anything at all. Really. Once I start musing about spending a few minutes every day on writing or something similar, I could be sure I won’t be seeing Word (or any other text editor) for at least another month. Were I to include going to work into my daily plans as well, I’d be undoubtedly fired by the end of the week (and guess why).

The lack of any successful planning has its positives as well. No matter what happens, I am always quite surprised. Every morning just after breakfast I tend to sit at my computer, check my emails and try not to play any of the games I’ve recently installed. It’s not easy but manageable. Well, sometimes I must play a few turns just to save the world but what wouldn’t I do for the good of the realm, right? Then I am usually attracted by the most recent book I am reading and before I can put it down again, it’s time to go earn some money. Come to think about it, there is no way I can be writing during the morning. But today, I managed to get some extra portion of ketchup, so typing is rather easier at the moment. And no, I have not forgotten to conquer yet another province. Ehm…

Right now I am just looking around, trying to notice all the things I have been neglecting for so long. It’s really quite absurd but there is no one writing on this blog instead of me. I think I should hire someone (preferably for free) that would be doing all the idea-sorting nonsense I am usually doing when I want to post something. Because unless I start getting up two hours earlier, there is no way I can be doing all the things I am used to do before work. How about a bit of time management? I suppose I could buy a book or two full of advices on how not to procrastinate the whole day and how not to buy cheap nonsense. OR I can have a hookah. I can’t be writing while I am smoking but at least it smells nice. And it most effectively destroys my writing morale.

I have to admit my first idea about buying a new computer (it’ll motivate me to start writing again) was utterly wrong. The more time I have, the less I contribute to useful things. What if I try exorcism to get rid of my bad habits? Unless of course I got rid of my wife first (I am just thinking now how the ritual would look like and there is a lot of dancing with candles which could just damage my happy marriage). Well, theoretically… No. Forget I mentioned something like that. No exorcism, no rituals. I’d rather make myself a nice cup of coffee and will finally look at what my inactivity has done with this blog. And if I manage to get some ideas for snails in the process, the better.

And if I fail, why, there is always the option to have a hookah, hey?

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