How not to do things

I always thought I am good with words. After all, I’ve spent most of my life (sounds like I was old, huh?) reading and trying to produce my own writings. And look at me now. This blog hasn’t seen any written post from me since I started it.

Too many times have I sat at my desk frowning at a piece of paper or into a white screen of a monitor, to no effect at all. Too many ideas discarded as not good enough. I thought the change of a job would do the trick. As if working eight hours a day instead of twelve could motivate me. Instead of occasional talk with Erasmus students at the dormitory, I now spend my working day talking to more or less angry customers over the phone. In English. Thank gods for multinational companies.

One might think I now have now all the important things for a perfect opportunity to fill this blog with whatever words I want. Well, yes and no. You see, I was used to read and write while being at work. And now I have to use my free time instead. I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s just a simple matter of getting into a new stereotype, that’s all. And this is exactly what I’m trying to do right now. Let’s hope I’ll be more successful this time.

Every time I start something new I have a lot of ideas of what to achieve. But as soon as the results are not perfect straight away, I find something new to put my energy into. While I’m struggling to find a worthy idea to write down, I don’t think it would be good to promise I can for a while stop being too critical to my own writing. However, let me promise you this: Every week I’ll write down and post here something. So this blog doesn’t look like a poor storage of amateur comics.

OK. With this week’s article done, it’s time for my coffee. Cheers.

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